watever makes u happy ;)


The beauty of life is that death takes birth with it.The darkness of death is that it enlightens us to the reality…of the fact that we keep running away from that we are mortals, here for a fixed time which keeps decreasing with every passing breath. In this journey called life we learn to love life, ourselves the most ignoring that this liking would cause a lot of pain. The pain of saying a goodbye. Going back to where we are from. Such is the beauty of this journey that you just cant help yourself.If you really wanna live stop thinking about living, start living. It is this moment that is precious and not what might come or might NOT. But how to start living. Happiness is too subjective and variable to be achievable. Money,fame,dreams, women etc etc. Such a long list and i am such a meagre existence and i want all of this to be happy. And after getting all this i wish i cud get even more happier. A bit of unwanted change or unhappyness and i forget all that i have. How did my brain program itself to be like this and i still dont care. They say its all in the mind. What a funny thing i hv been searching for all of it outside of it. If i cud know the answer to just the one question i wud give up all the knowledge that mankind could ever gather. What are we here for?
To gather worldly things which are left behind eventually,the relations,the knowledge,all that i could ever posess.What a crazy breed we are. Or is it life that makes us this way.Reminded of a beautyful line from an item song of a movie…jeevan hai barf ki naiyya…naiyya pighle haule haule…chahe has le chahe ro le…marne se pehle jeena seekh le…
So if u really wanna live before u die…do watever makes u happy…like i am using text slang in this article :p… coz one day we will be old…thinking of all the stories we cud hv told. Have a story..a great one..run,jump,fall…coz the excitement of standing again cant be felt without falling..and once u hv lost fear of falling one can see the true speed he can acquire..the height to which he can jump. I myself cant do it ryt now… Trying…really hard..it myt take a lyftym but its worth it for sure…what if we are a source of entertainment for god..like puppets he is watching us…the one who entertains him the most is his favorite and most loved by him…dont bore him or ull be ignored to a lyf full of dullness.

dilon mei tum apni betabiyaan lekar chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum..
nazar mei khabon ki bijleeyan lekar chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum..
havaa ke jhokon k jaise aazad rehna seekho..
tum ek dariya ke jaise lehron mein behna seekho..
har ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein..
har ek pal ek nya samaan dekhein ye nigaahein..
jo apni ankhon mein hairaniyan lekar chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum.


i fight with her


I did it again… :/

But does that show my love which turns into anger whenever i feel i did not get back what i deserve, or what i desire maybe…

Heavy thoughts in my head.. If the comparing scale is the same i would be behind marginally…i do it all the time and she does it sometimes…her reasons are genuine and mine concocted…But i keep forgiving myself.. STRANGE !!!

And even sometimes i say “we are one”… Can ┬áthis be really true…Can i love her like i love myself…i want this to happen but cant help being biased in judging myself….I love myself and i want to love her equally…maybe this might happen someday…And i know that day would be an emotional enlightenment for me as loving others brings a happiness which is far beyond expression..Being loved is a blessing men get from god in the form of mother’s love. But attaining and giving a tantamount to that pure love is a stage all of us cannot reach.

Life is short and love is an expression which makes it seem even shorter once you realize that all you want with your truly loved one. Time seems to be flying away in all that is useless,all that is baseless…Find time for someone…make her feel special…maybe you would too realize someday that it is too late…